Objects (or Artifacts as R. Buckminster Fuller would call them) are the ultimate expression of human ideas, ideals, and cultural preoccupations.  Studies have shown that we touch an average of 500 designed objects a day.  This does not even include the objects we respond to visually or aurally.
Addressing the boundaries between disciplines or ideas is a way of blurring them, and then documenting the process in a way that offers an academic perspective or cultural commentary is what OBJCT will endeavor to achieve.  
Giving a unique view into the inspirations and processes by which artists and designers create their worlds, we will be educated and enlightened in the physical world that surrounds us.
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The Future Has Arrived + Mobile Living is at the forefront of design. Mobile homes, prefab homes, and temporary homes all address the need for new and innovative designs for housing. Our ever-increasing need to be in touch, stay in touch, work from wherever we are has inspired new technology.  Mobile communication units have become the tools that drive the new economy and support our nomadic way of life. Automobiles, airplanes, and hotel rooms have become our offices and home away from home.
Mobile Living was conceived and curated by David Shearer and co-curated by Miguel Calvo with special thanks to the Buckminster Fuller Institute, House Home Project and University of the Arts. Mobile Living exhibited the unparalleled advancements in our society that have enabled our modern nomadic lifestyle. Mixing art, design and technology, this was a groundbreaking presentation, running concurrently with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), May 21--23, 2006.
Special educational components including a film series and special exhibition components were presented. A conference featured speakers who addressed both the current and future aspects of nomadic living. The future is now!   www.mobile-living.com
Interviews with over 100 top designers from around the world. Filmed in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, Paris and South America, Designers on Design looks at the current state of and the future of design.
In the designers own words icons like Philippe Starck, Marc Newson, Jasper Morrison, Bouroullec Brothers, Campana Brothers, Ron Arad, Tom Dixon, Michael Young, Stefano Giovannoni, Ross Lovegrove, Ross Menuez, Marcel Wanders, Marre Moerel, Christopher C. Deam,  Konstantin Grcic, Werner Asslinger, Robin Day, Karim Rashid and many others talk about their inspirations and design process.  
The future of design is addressed and the current design revival in the US is commented on by the world’s top talent.
A Documentary by Yvette Chaparro, Produced by David Shearer and Totem Media.
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